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    Have no the positive rubber of yu in tin City to product the limited company( positive railroad oil seal of yu manufacturing limited company) to locate the economy to prosper, the landscape is beautiful too the lake's Jiangsu the province have no the tin City, east to connect Shanghai, west to hope the Nanking, shanghai rather super-speed, tin the high speed,312 highways close at hand pass, city hangzhou the canal wear the city but over, the geography position is superior, and the land-and-water transportation is very convenient.
The company creates to set up to is a fixed-point company for profession producing rubber seal completelying the ware, companied to pass the ISO9001 May in 1999:2000 principle of management, positive that system, register the number to 0109139, and the company promote to produce, decline the cost with the quantity , increase the performance with the technology result market now regarding knowledge-based economy as the road of the business enterprise development that basic.
Our company's oil seal of every kind of railroad rubber of main production, air system motive skin , skin bowl, motorcycle rubber the accessories, accessories of household-use generator rubber, car oil seal, turbo , diaphragm type put the spirit valve the etc..
Quality that company have the ability of stronger research development, produce the rubber to seal completely the design, formulation of a construction for of ability, having to produce the every kind of rubber to seal completely the ware product to design to design with molding tool to make the ability, product formulation to pass at bear high, low temperature, bear aging, bear every kind of lay the application to wait the aspect to obtain the bigger breakthrough.Company maze type framework that produce the oil seal is a service for product, superior quality for product of national patent technique for adopting, since hurl ²ú with high quantity of railroad department, and suffer the large customer welcome.
The current company company covers 10000 m2s, factory premises 4000 m2s, officers and workers' more than 80ses, among them 12 people of technical personnel of high class engineering.Year production value 1000 ten thousand dollars.
Various rubber that company produce equipments seal completelies the ware to have:Machine of full-automatic seal completely type gum, extrude to prepare type machine, flat panel sulphur machine, framework the handle the line molding tool the manufacturing the etc. the production equipments that assort.The company is still physics machine function that owns the complete set equipments is with the instrument, with the size that examine the product several why sulphur that the optical instrument and measurement sulphur change the.
The company product that the high technique, high accuracy that management mode ruled company must adopt to manage to lord with the technique quantity line combines to ruled to produce the craft, examination the with manage with the document form, craft is with the procedure, for the utmost.
2001 March the company pass consistent good opinion for product quantity for expert's set to maze type framework oil seal attestation, getting experts.
Company president wood agriculture Sir 1991 province in winning Jiangsu labor model title, and acquire chemical engineering department rubber reform parade guards.

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